Commercials that crack you up, or otherwise compel you to watch

Since we’ve got on thread going about commercial hate, I thought we needed the other extreme. What commercials do you always watch, even after seeing them a gazillion times? Which ones make you smile or laugh? Which ones get you all warm and fuzzy inside?

We always stop for Flo’s family dinner (I’ve got the meat sweats!!)

I miss the e-Trade baby - those always gave me a laugh.

Those are the first ones that came to mind for me.

How about you?

I’ll always watch the “Oodle-lolly oodle-lolly golly what a day” (Roger Miller song) android commercial with the animal best buds, starring a dog & a lion cub or an elephant or a cockatiel stealing spaghetti for her dog pal or a cat cuddling baby chicks, ending with a hound & his pal the collapsing orangutan. Now I have to google it just to see it again!

I enjoy the Clash of Clans (You and this Army) commercials. I have no intention of ever playing the game because I don’t feel like having to shell out for in-app purchases in order to level up, but the animations for the commercials are a lot of fun. I’d probably watch a (short) feature film based on the commercials.

For different reasons, the Kate Upton commercials for Game of War are strangely compelling :slight_smile:

I’m rather impatient for the technological advances that will make the game graphics as cool as the commercial graphics for these tower defense games.

For the record, I predict that this thread will have a large overlap with the “hate” thread.
I don’t actually like many commercials, but I used to enjoy the one with the wife buying a home, and being surprised by her soldier-husband being there when she shows up.

Duluth Trading Company. (Youtube channel)
Quietly off-the-wall.

Ah yes - the Duluth Trading ads are my husband’s favorites!

BMW commercial with mom in the back seat. “Yahoo! That’s what we say on the ranch.” “Mom, you’re from Queens.” Same backseat mom, “Pick up the.pace. I’m eighty.” She cracks me up.

“Your grandfather used to love it when I wore leather. He was a very dominant man.”

That is fun, both the images and the song.

I’m not saying I like this commercial, but as a motorcycle rider, I’m glad its on:

[spoiler]The commercial that shows the dumb-ass kids driving down the road while texting and missing a STOP sign and subsequently getting lit-the-fuck-up by a Semi truck.

Put down the fucking phones, people! You are going to KILL SOMEONE![/spoiler]

The Staples “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year” back-to-school ad. The father is dancing around the store, and the kids stare at him with the most deadpan expressions. Cracks me up every time.

This live-action commercial for All laundry detergent with kids portraying the Peanuts characters.

Every time it comes on, I rewind the DVR and watch it over again a couple of times.

The Irwin tool commercial that ends with the little girl crushing a juice box on her head, and receiving a grunt of approval from her father. The little grunt she gives in response is adorable. :smiley:

And Duluth’s ads are brilliant.

That’s one of the best ads ever. Especially the ending where the orangutan just falls over.

The Pete Rose Skechers commercial where his fiancee tells him to get out of the hall.

That one for the cheese snacks were the guy is walking around the office being a jerk and then accidentally sits on a bag of puffs and it goes off like a paint bomb.

This one for Kraft Dinner. Wah wah wah wahhhhhhhh.

AT&T commercial from a few years back with the little girl and her ideas about werewolves. IIRC that whole series of ads was pretty good.

rarr rarr rarr rarr …

This is also an older one, but I can’t watch it without giggling. “It’s a queen-o!”

Love that one, I always laugh at his expression of joy.