For a change: Commercials you love

We always have commercials you hate threads…which I love. But let’s have some love for the commercials we love (you can tell this is loving since I’ve typed it thrice now).

I’ll start by mentioning the Tax Masters ad. For some reason I cannot help but laugh every time Patrick Cox says “hello!”. The way his voice goes up, and his head bobs…it’s so funny.

I love the AT&T commercial where the guy is apparently working and it’s his anniversary and his wife (girlfriend? concubine?) calls. The premise isn’t really original (a dumb guy? Noooo…) but the way he acts is very funny.

These are the first two…I’ll probably remember some more…any others?

Little piggy! weeeee weeeee weeeee!!!

I LOVE the little piggy!

Another one that cracks me up is the AT & T UVerse one where the family is having dinner. The little brother is reading the big sister’s diary, and she’s not upset. Plus, she wants feedback from her parents on its contents. The wife wants to mow the lawn on the weekend, and the husband will let her, but only if he can talk to her mother for hours on end.

That commercial makes me laugh every time I see it.

Geico’s: Do dogs chase cats? 70’s car chase with a dog and cat driving the cars. Cracks my shit up every time I see it.

I love the Traveler’s troubled dog commercial. They really cast the right dog!

Of the current crop, some of the Geico commercials.

I also love the gas station coffee ads with the princess and the white horse – these crack me up.

But for really classic, you can’t beat the old Stan Freberg ads – Show us your Jeno’s Pizza rolls; Sunsweet pitter prunes; Great American Soups; and others.

I like very few commercials, the only one in recent memory I can recall that I really liked was for eyeglasses. The woman calls in her cat for the evening and it turns out to be a raccoon.

Very effective huh? I can’t even remember the name of the company selling glasses :slight_smile:

But it did crack me up

The best that I’ve seen in a long time and likely to remain my favorite for a long time:

Geico’s Honest Abe

One of the Farmers Insurance commercials with the University of Farmers, the “AutoBoatome” commercial in particular.


The Most Interesting Man In The World

AMEN!!! Thread over!

I don’t always watch movies, but when I do, I prefer laserdisc.


The Miller Lite ‘Man Up’ commercials.

They never get old.

The DirectTV commercials featuring the incredibly rich guy with the tiny giraffe, especially the one where he kisses it on the head. I have proved again and again that I will drop whatever I am doing to see a tiny giraffe.

The KIA Soul Hamsters. “Doop, dop, dippity!”

So, you “jump into it”? :smiley:

I’m not sure and reckon it’s a phone company but the two guys are in a coffee shop and instead of just talking across the table to his co-worker, he calls and texts and sets up a meeting via his handheld.

Rick, can you hear me?
I’m here.
There he is…

I like the one where the two guys are on the chairlift and the one asks if he can date the other guys ex-girlfriend. She texts him and then sends a video at which point the friend grabs the phone and chucks it. The reason I like it is because it is fits in perfectly with ones I hate, the Sprint ones where folks are being complete dicks with their cell phones.

Always liked the Nike Chicks Dig The Longball commercial.

Stay thirsty my friends.