To counterbalance: Commercials you love.

The Hillshire Farms Go Meat! commercials. Especially the one in the office where all the cubegeeks get the cheer going. I always chant GO MEAT! at the end.

Also, I’ve mentioned it before, but I want to see Tiny House- the reality show. “I just want to make some eggs!”

Martin Scorsese’s Amex ad.

Now can anyone find me the full, one minute version that’s not in German?

Armstrong flooring has a series of commercials that run on TLC during all the home decorating shows on the weekend (and at other times, too, for all I know). The best one has a family and their baby Boston Bull terrier sitting around the TV set and watching a werewolf movie. The werewolf howls, and the scene cuts to the little dog turning his face aside, eyes tight shut…and then he gets up and stumbles away, leaving a little puddle on the polished wood floor. It’s the expression on that puppy face that makes this one so great. I’ve seen it a hundred times and I still “Awww!” right out loud.

I like the one where the husband tells the wife that the Chinese food was still good-- and she passes out after taking a sniff.

As much as I hate Geico ads, I sort of like the Caveman series.

From a few years back, there was the one of a guy peeping at a woman in a little black dress from a keyhole. It had a stalkerish feel until we found out that he was the husband, and had locked himself in the bathroom.

I like the Dell commercial with the guy and girls in pink by the pool, the guy in green with the green snake, the white martial arts filming, the two old fishermen in yellow eating a sandwich by a vid of fire on the laptop, and other various colored themes, all to the Flaming Lips The W.A.N.D..

The Jack Link’s Beef Jerky “Messin’ with Sasquatch” series.

The Ratchet & Clank “weapon test” series.

Oh, me too. I think they should bring back the roast duck and mango salsa ad.

Volkswagen has been using members of the band Wilco, and some of their very cool songs for a big campaign.

Songs that in no way do I consider radio friendly, or pop.

The one that starts out “maybe some day the sun will shine. . .” that opens Sky Blue Sky and is in the Bug commercial is a little poppy, but still nothing I would have thought would sell a car.

The Sonic commercial with the couple - she’s cute and their conversations are funny.

That commercial with the guy having a party in his backyard, and he’s got to protect his guests against (1) a giant labrador retriever, and (2) a giant octopus that lives in his pool. The first time I saw that big dog, my wife and I were in tears from laughter.

I came here to mention the Subaru ad that features German testers driving the car around a track and having a blast while listening to “Rock me Amadeus”. I laugh out loud whenever that one comes on. The tagline is good too: “The Japanese car the Germans wish they’d invented”.

The Red Stripe beer ads make me laugh. I’ve never tried the beer, it’s probably crap, but the ads are funny. “You are very ugly!”

And the Emerald Nuts ads are always good. Especially the Robert Goulet one from the Super Bowl.

On the darker side of things, these ads from the Montana Meth Project are the darkest, scariest, most sickening, and yet most effective anti-drug ads I think I’ve ever seen. Bravo to them for having the guts to show the ugly reality of drug use.

There’s a radio ad here in SoCal for a discount furniture store, the name escapes me but their jingle cracks me up. “The ooonly waaay to get it any cheaper is to impoooort it yourself, and you don’t know hoooow.”

They’re not running any more, but I loved the Citibank identity theft commercials.

Currently, the cell phone one where the dad and son are having a faux argument in the garage. There was an earlier mother/daughter one that my daughter and I could recite by heart. “You never hated me and you never will!” “You are the most grateful little…”

I like intelligent commercials with a hook, a twist, or a little story.

God, I could only watch The Boyfriend and Mother ones. Those are brutal.

  1. The Dog Chow ad with the Labrador chasing his owner with a hose and getting him wet. I love that dog.

  2. The PetSmart commercial with the owners bringing home a puppy as a companion for their English bulldog. The puppy looks up at the bigger dog with a “please don’t eat me” expression on her face. The bigger dog gently nudges his toy over to the puppy and the puppy runs off with it.

  3. There’s a new ad that initially looks like it’s for a Grand Theft Auto-style video game. A CGI character runs over to a car, opens the door, pulls the driver out - and hands him a Cherry Coke! He then goes around performing random acts of kindness such as catching a purse snatcher, stopping a fruit cart from overturning, etc.

I really like the Macintosh commercials. Jon Hodgman and Justin Long are just so perfectly cast, and the humor is (surprisingly) fairly dry and understated.

My husband likes this one so much he sought out the song and made it his new ringtone.

I like the commericals where someone goes out of their way to help someone else (stoppping them from crossing the street in front of a car, or picking up a toy that their toddler just chucked out of its stroller), someone else sees it and feels inspired to pass it along, and the whole commercial is just people doing nice things for each other. I swear I get a friggin lump in my throat each time I see one of these…unfortunately, I can’t remember what product it’s for so I can’t look it up on YouTube.

Travelers Insurance, NailBunny.