Commercials That *Work*

This isn’t a thread about your favorite commercial, per se. This thread is about, after watching the commercial, brands to which you’ve become loyal or, at the very least, gave a whirl.

Here’s my list:[ul][li]Clorox Bleach - I used to think bleach is bleach is bleach (and for all I know it probably is). A few years ago, however, there was a commercial in which they poured bleach through a coffee filter and the generic bleach has some sort of left over residue. Ever since then I’ve been loyal to Clorox. These new Clorox commercials are a tad silly, though. There’s one that implies the other brands of bleach don’t kill germs just because they don’t say so on their label.[/li][li]Vileda - All those stylish mop commercials finally got to me. I’m now the proud owner of a Vileda mop and bucket. The bucket has some sort of EZ-ringer attached to the side. I also purchased a Vileda scrubby sponge. It’s much better than 3M’s product.[/li][li]xmradio - I think I subscribed prior to the TV commercials being aired. I read about it a magazine months before it was launched (it being the service, not the satellite) and continued to read everything about it I could get my hands on. So I guess you can say the pamphlets worked for me.[/ul][/li]
That’s all I can think of at the moment because one of the partners just came in to show of his new iPod (it’s very chic - I may have to buy one now). So what commercials work or worked for you?

I bought a Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwhich because of the ad and Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Honey BBQ Buffalo Wings because of the ad as well.

That’s about it.

I’d say the Honda commercial with the Rube Goldberg machine for turning on a car is working pretty dang well. First one I’ve noticed people WANTING to see.

The Levi’s commercial, in which the song Playground Love by Air is played in the background. A guy and a girl push their car into a bay, and the guy dives back into the car to get his French dictionary. There’s a nice underwater shot of his Levi’s clad ass. He surfaces, and his girlfriend asks him “did you find everything okay?” in French.

Not only did my boyfriend buy a pair or two of the jeans…but also got Air’s CD.

Most times I can’t remember the product but Citi card’s commercial where the guy buys the defective treadmill that rams his head, crushes his nuts and flings him off the back had me gasping for air, t’was laughing so damn hard. Wheeeee…

“Wanna Fanta, don’t you wanna, wanna Fanta, don’t you wanna…”

Yup. Not only do I love fruit-flavored soda, but I support the continued use of hot chicks to sell me things. I’ve always got at least a 12-pack or two of Fanta in my fridge.

Washington Mutual’s commercials are a part of the reason we switched our banking over to them. My favorite is the one where they staple the guy’s ID number to his head. I also like the recent one where they pickpocket the guy as he’s standing in line waiting for a teller.

I’d like my next car to be either a Passat or a Jetta, basically because I love the VW commercials so much. Well, not the one where the guy licks the car, but some of the other ones . . . nice.

As the Who almost said, “Talkin’ 'bout my demographic!”

The BK commercial with the Italian family gathering together to partake in a meal of Italian Chicken Sandwiches made me go out and buy one for myself. Last time I ever listen to a commercial.

The swiffer commercial was very convincing. Once I saw that guy dancing around the diner with the mop is his hand, I just had to have one.

Ditto with the L’Oreal Shine Delice lipstick once I saw the glossy lips on the models in fashion magazines. Even after I was disappointed from the sample I smeared on my wrist in the drugstore, I bought one anyway, convinced it would as great on my lips as it did on the model’s.

There was also a Zellers commercial a couple of years ago that almost convinced me that their clothing was stylish. How the heck did they do that?

Gee, I guess I’m a little easily persuaded.

[hijack]Commercials that don’t work: I’ve seen a KFC commercial, where they feature a rather chunky family at a picnic. I always think of that commercial while considering getting take-out, and almost always opt for Subway instead.[/hijack]

The VW Passat commercial that used the song “Pink Moon” led me to the music of Nick Drake, and also is making me consider a VW as my next vehicle.

One that was on a few years back that still makes me chuckle is an AIWA commercial where Queen’s “Another One Bites The Dust” is being blared from a vehicle where the driver is jamming out to the music and waving to people passing him (who are shocked and aghast). The scene pulls back, and the vehicle playing the music happens to be a hearse…

I can’t think of that Queen song anymore without picturing that commercial!

I thought the early “Got Milk?” commercials were quite good. I still make Aaron Burr jokes sometimes. Of course, I haven’t had a glass of milk in months (I’m a vegetarian and I actually prefer soy milk now). But they were amusing.

The latest Snickers commercial always has me in stitches…I’ve told people about it, which at least means that I remember the product!

It’s one of the “hunger causes bad things” series, and the character is a guy in one of those animal suits in a theme park. He goes through a couple of annoying questions, but the best is when a kid asks him:

“Are you really Spanky the Dog?”

“No. Spanky the Dog is a cartoon character. I’m a grown man who’s made a LOT of mistakes.”

That gets me every time!

Snickers! It fights hunger!

The Wendy’s commercials with Dave Thomas, as vanilla as they were worked better than “Where’s the beef”.