Common Merganser with 50 babies

This is just the cutest thing ever and thought I’d share. Great article with an amazing photo of the adopted family:

Actually I think there are more than 50. It’s hard to know what’s a head or a bum but I think there’s 55+

That’s pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.

That totally fucking rocks!

It’s a good thing the book wasn’t Make Way for Merganserlings; the names would have gone through the alphabet twice!

Bless the beasts and the children.

Cute overdose!

That made me want to go to the Wikipedia page for the common merganser, which contains an interesting fact about their diet:

But it won’t eat nests that are on crooks of limbs!

Look at the bill :). You never want to get bit by a merganser - they’re like little raptors. Seriously, waddling around on land they’ve always looked like miniature dinosaurs to me.