Common phrases ruined for you by media?

The latest Castle Rock had an instance of someone saying “What are you doing here?”. Ever since Bojack Horseman, I can’t not then hear that phrase as Bojack badly attempting to act in Secretariat–“What are yooouuu doing here?”

At the end of SUPERMAN: THE MOVIE — this isn’t a spoiler, right? We all get what the deal is with these guys — our hero mentions the need for Lex Luthor to get a fair trial, sure as Lex then defiantly announces himself to the prison warden. Oh, and Otis then attempts to play hype man to the master criminal, which doesn’t work.

Lex: “I hereby serve notice…”
Otis: “He’s SERVIN’ NOTICE! Ta YOU!”

It’s now physically impossible for me to hear the first phrase and take it seriously.

Another nod to Superman: TM - Whenever a cop show refers to “The long arm of the law,” I immediately hear (in Hackman’s voice), “Otis, would you like to see a long arm? Otis, would you like to see a very, very long arm?”

Then I jump in the back seat!

When Michael Scott in The Office declares bankruptcy…by shouting “I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY!!” … well, the phrase was “ruined” for me then :slight_smile:

Just yesterday, through a mouthful of pumpernickel stubbies, I tried to explain why I was flinging the fridge door open in immediate need of a beer:

“These pretzels are makin’ me thirsty!”

(reference available, if anyone needs it)

Woody Allen will never use you in his movie if you don’t say that line convincingly.

I stopped saying “Piss up a rope, Jack!” after Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford started saying it.

“Kiss my piss” from Silicon Valley. I’ve never used the phrase, let alone knew to replace ass with piss, and will never use it after watching this latest season.

Suburban Commando has ruined the word “frozen” for me.

Me: Honey, the hamburger buns are frozen, right?

Wife: Yes, they’re frozen…today.
If any water might touch us and one of us complains, we always say, “What’s the matter? Afraid to get wet?”

It’s from Pirates.

Looking for Common phrases ruined for you by media? Surely your can’t be serious!

Maybe it doesn’t count as a “common phrase,” exactly, but just try to say anything on the internet about Hedy Lamarr.

Invariably some wiseguy will come along and post “That’s Hedley!,” absolutely convinced that this incredibly predictable and hackneyed response is the height of hilarity.

Similarly, I can’t hear or say “All inclusive” without following it up with “You know what that means.”

That’s not really a common phrase. That’s the joke.

I’ve said this story before, but it fits here.

When I was at Target some lady asked me to do something or thanked me for something and I said, “you betcha!” The following ensued:

Her: Ugh, don’t quote her
Me: Who?
Her: That insufferable Palin woman

Bitch, I’ve been using “you betcha” in my lexicon since before you knew who Sarah Palin was. Don’t bring your stupid politics into my life uninvited.

While it’s not an “every sentence” word for me, I’m not adverse to using “copacetic” in conversation. Then some alt-rock song came out named “Copacetic” and I thought “Ugh, now people will think I’m using it because of that song”.

But a month later everyone forgot the song exists and I’m still going strong.

I got a text from a gallery owner asking if I’d be available to show my work.

This is a dream come true, but when he closed with “Surely you’re free the night of the opening?” I couldn’t resist replying “Of course, and I’m deeply honored. But don’t call me Shirley.”
He never responded to that last line…

You Having a laugh?. Is he having a laugh?

Hasn’t happened here in days…

You wound me.

Sorry, burpo. But there is no shame. Like the “Don’t call me Shirley” line, NONE of us could’ve resisted Hedley-ing.

“Big Lebowski” quotes are played out. And I say this as a person who actually got to use the “You’re obviously not a golfer.” line.