"Communications" in the business world

If you encountered a B2B company named, say, Whozamawhatsit Communications, would you think they dealt with telephone systems and the like, or ‘communications’ in a business sense?

Assuming the business is actually the latter, what cues would either make you understand they didn’t install phone systems or reinforce your impression of them as a marketing, image, PR, promotion etc. type of firm?

Wouldn’t the word you are looking for be “Public Relations”?

I voted for ‘ambiguous’, but to clarify my response: I would expect such a company to be a consulting firm that offers PR and marketing services. I also would expect its name to have a couple of randomlyInternallyCapitalized words or numbers in it, and that it would offer a prospectus promising to dynamically synergize best-practice analytics with an alignment toward Generation X’s expectation for transformative and impactful social media campaigns. Perhaps that’s closer to the last option.

I voted for the second, partly because my background is in PR and I happened to have worked for companies that had “Communications” in their names for a combined total of over 20 years.

And partly because companies that do the first thing tend to use the term “Telecommunications.”

Thanks. (Client nomenclature issue at stake here.)

After working on a name much like that in the OP, it suddenly jumped out at me that a lot of cell phone sellers and telephony companies use the same term - not “Telecom” or “Telecommunications.” I found a way to shape the name away from the electronic end of things.

It’s a lot more than PR, too - “communications” in the business sense is the only word that successfully encapsulates it.

Itself: thEre’z a CaReer Way/Ting 4 U. :slight_smile: