Communist vs. Assassin

I think Lee Harvey Osawld was really sexy. Seriously an attractive man. Whenever I tell people this (which isn’t too often), they always respond “But he’s a communist!” Never “But he killed a president!”
What the hell? Is a conspiracy theory so accepted that people don’t seem to care that Osawld killed a man? Or is communism still a threat in this country?

Actually, I’ve never heard that before. Do you live in some soft of far-right-wing community? Because the common perception of Oswald that I’m familiar with in that he was just some wacko who killed the president.

As for you, ThisYearsGirl, I suggest you get a Che Guevara T-shirt. First of all, as Communists go, he was much more sexy than Oswald (and yes, I’m straight - but I’m also objective); second of all, your neighbors will love it.

Well, I do live in the South, but even when I went to college in Asheville (which has become the new hippie open-minded capital of the country; too bad its colleges suck), people would say “But he’s a communist!”
And, I’m sorry. Oswald was, without question, pobably the sexiest communist of all time. I kinda hope that insane Boys From Brazil assassination theory is correct, just because it means there’s a million more of him running around.

Interesting -

The only Boys from Brazil theory that I am familiar with would suggest that there may be a lot of Hitlers running around, not Oswalds.

Also, the idea that someone must be physically ugly in order to be an assassin is a new one on me. See:

I would say that all of our assassins have been perfectly reasonable looking men.

I also have problems with the idea that all communists (or fascists for that matter) are automatically physically ugly. If you check these sites:


then I would say that one can make a pretty good argument that both Hitler and Stalin were better looking than either FDR or Churchhill.

If I regard Oswald, Hitler and Stalin as ugly it is because of what they’ve done and what they stand for rather than how they look. And along those lines…you might want to read up on Oswalds life. He doesn’t appear to have been very intelligent, he was obsessed with communism to the point of being a very one dimensional person, he seems to have had a very inflated sense of his own importance, and he had that unfortunate habit of shooting at people when he didn’t like their politics (Kennedy wasn’t the first).

Yeah, what he said.

The Boys from Brazil theory about the JFK assassination basically states that instead of creating a bunch of Hitlers, the experiment failed miserably, and created a bunch of Lee Harvey Oswalds, whom the US government used in different experiments. This theory attempts to account for the follwing things:

  • In all the pictures of Oswald that surfaced after the shooting, he looks slightly physically different (this is really true; check it out)
  • Employees at a used car dealership in Dallas said that Oswald came by the day before the shooting and test drove a car while talking about some “big plans” he had coming up. However, Oswald did not know how to drive
  • There is a photo of spectators watching Kennedy drive past in Dallas shortly before the shooting. In it, Oswald is clearly visible.