compared to rats....

“In the male rat,removal of the penile sheath markedly interferes with normal penile reflexes and copulation. When circumcised rats were pairedwith sexually experienced females, they had more difficulty obtaining an erection, more difficulty inserting the penis into the vagina, and required more mounts to inseminate than did unaltered males”

How easy is it to circumcise a rat?

On another note, I’ve never had a problem with a circumcised partner… :slight_smile:




How long is the penile sheath on a rat? And why are we comparing rats to men…I mean other than the obvious? :wink:

So this somehow means that men who have been circumscised, despite their personal evidence to the contrary, have trouble with sex?

I don’t see the female rats giving the male rat a hand like most women do. Also, does an uncircimscised man NOT need help? Is it somehow stronger, faster, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound because it hasn’t been cut?

Cite, cite, cite.

I know this is MPSIMS, but hey…

Let me reiterate:


Jack Dean Tyler, please pick up the white courtesy phone. Your choses people are crying out for your help…

I think Habitual was suggeting this as a method of controlling rat populations.
At least, I hope you.

Theres got to be a better way of keeping the rat population down.

I hope so.

You know, this reminds me of an article in Discovery magazine a year or two ago. It was about a lady who was conducting some of the first really serious research on penises. It was a great article - full of puns and other bad jokes. They described one experiment where she took an amputated rat penis, put a hook in each end, and pulled it to test its strength. There was a quote from her explaining that this is why male scientists have never really been willing to study this stuff…

What in the HELL were you reading when you came across that?!

Why… How… Did someone get way bored and just decide to see what a rat dick was all about… Or was the rat Jewish?

This just had to be a government study… HAD to be.

How about the poor guy who DOES it? There has to be a better way to earn a living...

Picture his 1040 “Profession: Rat circumsizer”

IRS agent: “This guy’s a smartass. Audit him”