Memories of JDT. Man sues for circumcision

Read the whole editorial here:

Oh, for the love of god…

“What a crock,” says the voice of experience.

Zette, that post and quote is SO full of double entendres.

<snip> :smiley:

“… in the back of my head.” Which head? :wink:

There is of course the distinct possibility that this deluded man is JDT. ::shudder::

For the gullible and over-paranoid – That was a joke, right?

I mean, it was, wasn’t it?

The American Justice System® can’t be that screwed up
[sub]Can it?[/sub]

Durst invoke the name
Of evil Jack Dean Tyler?
Curse your impudence!

I’m with Coldfire. This Stowell character might just be a JDT sock-puppet.

Sock-puppet, or cock-puppet?


made me laugh out loud. How does one get to be a foreskinologist? Can you be granted a degree for having sufficient life experience, or do you actually have to complete the coursework?

Has anyone “partaken of the penis” lately?

I’m with UncleBeer on the Foreskinologist, made me laugh out loud too.

Hmmm…well she “is” published (in BJU International…smirk) check out table 3, halfway down the page :smiley:

hahaha!! That link is great beagledave! I’m printing out (along with the original article) to take to my Human Sexuality class tomorrow. The ensuing discussions should be a hoot!

If this Kristen O’Hara ever used her expertise to solve a crime, she’d be a…

Forensic foreskinologist!

Now someone please try to say that five times fast. :smiley:

Hmm. Fundamentally, I foresee her future as the foremost freelance forensic foreskinologist, forsaking all foreknowledge of fornication for the free world’s forefathers.

This post is, of course, foredoomed. Forgive me.

I dunno Unc…seems like you’re “cutting it close” on the alliteration there…

Fortunately, my foragaing for forbearance is only for effect.

Bad Uncle, bad, bad, wicked Uncle. We must give you a spanking…(and no, I’m not following this through to its logical Monty Python-esque conclusion! :smiley: )

Well, at least we know UncleBeer won’t foreclose on this thread.

I thought we where not to utter those 3 vile letters, J-D-T!

I feel so dirty.
I’m gonna go wash my foreskin.

If such a case landed on my desk for defense, my reaction would be to first laugh until my teeth fell out and then to assure opposing counsel, with deadly seriousness, that as long as I had anything to say about it, his client would never, ever receive one fucking dime.

Ridiculous cases simultaneously amuse me and piss me off. Kind of like the last guy I dated.

I WAS going to ask about the aforementioned person and why he evoked such strong sentiment. Then I decided not to be lazy and actually ran a search.

OH MY DEAR NON-EXISTANT GODS!!! Never have I read such blatant psychopathy spewing forth from one person. Creepy.

There have been times in my fairly short number of people that I called some folks on the carpet for what I thought were pretty erroneous points of view and fact. With one possible exception, I’ve never seen anything THIS bad, though.

Thanks to this thread, I now have a new yardstick by which to measure “malodorous fuckit”. Yikes.

Hmmm…well, I did hear someone say that they can restore the foreskin-with some special device the skin will elongate or something? I’ll look it up.

(That said, I still don’t believe in circumsizing babies, just because I don’t see a point.)