Compensation to refugees in the MidEast

Right to return? Not going to happen.

Compensation for land and properties that was left behind? Only fair.

Yes, the families of the 700,000 Jews who fled Arab controlled lands since 1948 should be compensated for what they left behind.

What? You thought I meant the 550,000 Arabs who fled Israeli controlled areas? You didn’t realize that more Jews fled and left property behind than Arabs. Jews whose families had been living in those lands for generations. You think that since Israel absorbed them and supported them and integrated them into Israeli society, rather than forcing them to live in camps on the borders to be used as political pawns, in abject poverty, with no hope fpr the future, that the Jewish refugees don’t count?

Oh. Your mistake.

Just curious: compensated by whom? The U.N.? Britain? Hamas? Saudi Arabia?

We’ll get it from the same place we get the money to compensate all the other groups who are lining up: That big pie in the sky.

No, I’m not seriously expecting or proposing compensation. But the “Right to Return” or compensation in lieu of such return has been proposed as “fair” for Palestinian refugees. I am, to make it explicit, pointing out that if that is “fair” then so would be compensation to the Israeli side from the various Arab governments. The serious proposition being that Israel forgive such a debt in return for the various Arab governments taking on the responsibilty for the Palestininian refugees. They could’ve (should’ve) done that in the first place. Now is the time for them to step up, accept their responsibilty (as Israel did 54 years ago) and say no more money for terror, but ample resources to create a more normalized situation for some Palestinian entity to be determined, one that would be integrated into Arab economies and underwritten by them.