Competing Realities, or Differing Perspectives

Have you ever had a moment wherein you realize that people you live and work with are operating from their own, parallel but separate, perspective? It all seems to work, but suddenly you get a slice of their take on it and realize how different it is from yours.

What set this question to mind: my partner is a woman whom I’ve known for 20 years - we are not romantic partners and have never been, but we’ve been friends for a l-o-o-ong time and business partners for 11 years, through all the hell and glory that life has visited upon us collectively and individually during those two decades (marriages, divorces, lawsuits, foreclosures, homeruns, medical emergencies, deaths, childbirths, etc.).

So her son had his 18th birthday today (and she is a truly devoted Mom). I’m glad; I’ve known the kid all his life and he’s a good guy who’ll probably do well when he starts L.S.U. next year (oh bejeesus, more purple and gold in my life).

But, she didn’t announce it with, “Today’s Nick’s 18th birthday!”; she said, “Eighteen years ago today you sent me flowers!”

And I did, upon son’s birth, but I would never have thought of that.

So what have y’all got? Fill me in, I’m in the mood to ponder these competing realities.

I think I know what you’re talking about beatle. I usually notice it with family members, especially my son. When we look back sometimes, the things which were relatively unimportant to one of us are things which are poignant at some level for the other.

By the way, I think it’s really nice that your act of flower sending stood out so obviously in your friend’s heart and mind.

You’ve captured it well, Purd.