Competitive white blood cell "tournaments"

Way cool, I want to play!


I would so much rather date a guy who won at this than the HS Quarterback.

This is excellent, I wonder how I would do.

That’s pretty cool!

I fancy myself as having a strong immune system, but I wonder if that would translate at all to this kind of competition.

Holy crap, I’m pretty sure the phlebotomist is a guy I used to work with!

Two leukocyte enter, one leukocyte leave.

Interesting. My immediate questions is:

Is there valid hypothesis that Type AB Blood will be the strongest and Type O will be the weakest (or vice versa)

And does this ‘logic’ hold true:

Suppose there are three Blood Samples. (X, Y, Z). If ‘X’ beats ‘Y’, and ‘Y’ beats ‘Z’, is it a valid conclusion that X beats Z.