High levels of white blood cells and all of the WBCs look weird

A guy showed me a picture of a human blood under a microscope with some sort of an ink applied to it, as in a blood film. There were tremendous amount of white blood cells (dark pink or purple) and all of them look different than we have seen before. Normally you see several purple dots but in that particular picture there were maybe thousands of them, almost as many as red blood cells. What could be the reasons for this phenomena? He is telling me that it’s a human blood. Can it be a mutation? I need to get access how he acquired this blood. I will try to get some pictures ASAP and share here.
(if you have never seen normal WBCs, here is a youtube video with the title “What blood looks like down the microscope”: What blood looks like down the microscope - YouTube)

At the risk of being alarming - over-abundant white blood cells can be a sign of either infection or cancer, either of which can cause an increase in production of those cells.

Leukemia: 1. a malignant progressive disease in which the bone marrow and other blood-forming organs produce increased numbers of immature or abnormal leukocytes. These suppress the production of normal blood cells, leading to anemia and other symptoms.

Note that this is just one of a zillion different pathologies that affect maturation of the white blood cell line.

Could have been an extreme case of sepsis, could have just been the white-blood fraction of a centrifuge-separated sample. Could be many things.

Show the slide to a hematologist or hematopathologist.

“Weird”-looking WBCs can be seen in settings include leukemias, myelodysplastic syndromes (“pre”-leukemias), infection, vitamin B12 deficiency etc.

Having markedly elevated WBCs on a peripheral smear along with marked morphologic abnormalities weights things more toward myeloid leukemia, though bone marrow examination along with ancillary testing like flow cytometry is far more definitive.

Why are you and “a guy” looking at unidentified blood samples that you don’t know how he acquired? Can you provide some context here?


My first guess would have been that the OPs friend is trying to sell him on something scammy, like the quacky “live blood” “dark field microscopy” of the Chronic Lyme Disease cult.

He said he came across an extremely unique mutation. The first among the mankind. He wants to keep it a secret. But I think I know how to get his secret.

Be careful!!!

I’ve seen a burst of quack docs selling “Purify the blood to cure cancer, restore energy, remove toxins, etc.” A couple neighbors have been taken in by this junk.

You come in for a test, they draw blood the usual way, then you come back 30 minutes later where they show you scary looking micrographs of “your blood” versus very different looking micrographs of “healthy blood from a treated patient.” The “healthy blood” does look to a layman like what you can find on wiki or Google. How’d they do the “unhealthy” pics of what’s supposedly your blood? IANA medic, so I can’t tell you that. Stain, centrifuge, mix bleach in it? Boil it? Take it from hamsters? Photoshop? Who knows? Is every would-be patient shown the very same pic and told it’s theirs? Who knows?

This OP makes me think of something along these lines. Maybe it’s all legit, but … maybe it isn’t.

Are you referring to “live blood cell analysis”?

I’m not specifically referring to that thing by that name. Only because I don’t know enough about the quacks preying on my neighbors here to say if that’s what they call what they do. My Google-fu is failing me and the glossy brochures they brought me are long since in the trash.

I do know their “prescription” is a fad diet leaving out this and that, plus lots of supplements sold only by them, that somehow remove all the harmful metals and toxins and reshape your white cells.

Suuuure they do! Criminals!

I smell passion.

“Extremely unique”? “The first among the mankind”? I have several of those in my body. So does everyone else. I think his secret is BS.

Maybe they’re comic book mutations. The kind that gives the owner a superpower. What superpower would be produced by mutant white blood cells?

If he wants to keep it a secret, why is he telling you? Even if it’s your blood, that would make no sense.

If he wants to convince you that you can get in on some Seekrit Knowledge so that he can get his hands on your money – now that makes all too much sense. Do Not Bite.