complex word search in MS-Word

brief version : How do I find a word immediately followed by a carriage return?

more detailred version:

I have a text file in the following format:

a single word then a colon then a list of words like this

What I want to do is find any word containing one or more hyphen.

The search string **[,:][a-z]@-*, ** almost works. It finds deep-six and cast-off fine.

However if a hyphenated word comes at the end of a line, it will wrap around to the first comma on the next line. In the above example it will highlight blue-penciling

How do I modify my search string so that it stops at carriage return?
note : I thought that the Manual Line Break character would work, but it didn’t.

The End Of Word character fails on multi hyphenated words like dyed-in-the-wool. It only highlights dyed-in.

Try “^p”. Word treats a manual carraige return as a “paragraph mark”

Sadly, it doesn’t work when using wildcards.

Are there any other codes you know? Is there a code for the start of a line? One for end of document? Other things like that?

Lame. Sorry, that’s all I have.