Composer Andre Previn dead at 89

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Previn had quite a life, both professionally and personally.

Composer and conductor ;).

His recording of the complete Prokofiev piano concertos with Vladimir Ashkenazy and the London Symphony Orchestra is among my favourites.

And performer of both classical and jazz piano.

One of my psych professors helped treat his second wife, Dory, after her breakdown over Previn’s affair with Mia Farrow.

Wasn’t your psych professor violating some kind of ethics code by telling you that?:eek:

Previn’s mastery of both classical and jazz piano made for an outstanding interpretation of Rhapsody in Blue, which I think I still have somewhere in my collection of vinyl.

It’s possible that the info came from Dory Previn herself. She was open about her psychological/psychiatric problems and the treatment she received.

Someone I follow on Twitter retweeted this:

My fav #Previn anecdote: transatlantic flight, turbulence - on comes piped light music, evidently to distract/soothe worried passengers. Previn beckons stewardess: “I refuse to die to Lawrence Welk’s Polka Band. Either put on the Brahms Requiem or turn the ****ing thing off”

FWIW: he was also an unexpectedly accomplished comic actor. As noted in his wiki entry (see OP), in this country (and I hope he enjoyed this) he was best known for his appearance on a Morcambe and Wise Xmas Show.

Here’s a snippet of the famous sketch, provided by the BBC. Also to enjoy: the reactions of the orchestra throughout.

You may be able to find the full sketch with a little searching.


Yeah, he had her permission to discuss her problems as a teaching tool.

I have so many of his wonderful recordings. Thanks so much, André!

Brahms wrote a requiem?

You mean A German Requiem? It’s customary to include the adjective.

It’s 3rd, possibly 4th hand. Previn may have said “Brahms’s A German Requiem, to Words of the Holy Scriptures, Op. 45” and the extra info fell off on the way here.

Most composers wrote the requiem mass based on the Latin text…Mozart, Berlioz, Verdi,etc. For Johnny Brahms to write one in his vernacular is worthy of note.