Compulsive Gum Chewer

for some very odd reason, i’m addicted to chewing gum.
I chew, on average, about 12-16 sticks per day.
And not even in between meals; just one after the other. I’m not talking about sugarpacked bubble gum like bazooka, but merely the regular dental gum like trident and dentyne.

am i alone in this? am i just a big tard?

I used to do that. I’ve stopped lately because the Government just hiked the tax on chewing gum :mad:


gum… RUN

This sounds like something right out of Chewing magazine.

I’m a compulsive gum chewer as well. I used to be a Winterfresh man, but after getting my first ever cavity, and the pain of getting it fixed, I made the switch to green Trident. For me, I pretty much stick (heh) with one piece a day. With some gum (not Trident) I have literally chewed the color out of the gum. I find it relaxing, and on more than one occassion, wondered if it has any addictive properties.

now, that’s funny!!