Computer Buffs- I have no idea how to help

I have received this request from a friend. I have no idea what so ever - does anyone have any suggestions? (Not rude ones :slight_smile: )
Any idea how I can get some information, Apps, books, etc. off my old iPad and transfer them to my new one? My son-in-law was working on it but it keeps asking for my original password which I cannot remember.

Don’t have an iPad, but isn’t there a ‘I forgot my password option’ somewhere? You would then get emailed a new password that you would have to change.

What is asking for the password? iTunes?

I think this problem will require fewer indirections to solve.

Everything on an iPad is tied to your AppleID. Some people call it the iTunes password, but it’s for the Mac and IOS app stores, the iTunes store, and various other Apple services.

You can reset your password at If you remember your security questions from when you set up your account you might not even have to wait for them to email a reset link. If you can’t remember your account name you can put in your real name and address and it will try to find it for you.

If they encrypted their backup and don’t know the password, I think there’s third party decryption software that can crack it (mostly via dictionary attack or brute force). I don’t know how reliable or virus-free it is.

New iPad? You have AppleCare! 1-800-MYAPPLE. 1 (800) 692-7753

Thanks for the replies. I don’t have an Apple- I was just asked the question.

I’ll pass them on.

Find out if there’s an Apple store nearby, and if so tell them to make an appointment for help.

If I can hijack: I’m having a computer issue myself.

About ten days ago my daughter dropped something heavy on my tower. The computer froze and started beeping. I disconnected everything, took everything apart and then put it back together. It turned on fine.

Now, though, when I play a game, or on the internet for a while, the computer just dies. It doesn’t give any warning, no error codes. Just dies. I thought it was overheating, but there’ve been times when I just turned the computer on, press “play,” then it craps out. The system shuts down and th monitor says, “Input not found.”

Sounds like overheating to me.
Check that the CPU fan is still attached and spins up.

Yup. Spins up right away.

Not to hijack,but I’ve got something odd going on too. I had Avast antivirus but have let it run out… Avast has been popping up telling me I’m no longer protected – -- but this morning Avast tells me there’s an add-on that Avast users don’t like on my computer and just press this button to take care of it… I didn’t,but is this some scam? If I’m not protected why would they care??
I know nothing of computers but turn it on and go to Google and to my emails