How do I recover my Apple ID password?

Every day on my ipad, i get a message box that says I must verify my apple ID to back up to the cloud.

I have no idea what my apple ID is, and it doesn’t provide you any way to check or reset it.

When i go into the app store, it asks me for the apple id for my user name.

But when I put that same password in for the apple id for the cloud, it says it is incorrect.


Sorry if the above isn’t clear.

The password for the apple id that connects to the iCloud seems to be different than the password I use for the app store, even though it calls both passwords the same thing. (my apple ID password.)

I have no idea if I have one or two passwords, but i do know that only one works, and that is for apps. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the other one is, and the confirmation box comes up every time i turn on the ipad, and often when I go in and out of different apps.

It is driving me nuts.

I have gotten help with Apple IDs through Apple’s telephone support.

I have a more general question.

Are there two separate passwords?

I have had problems with this ever since I got my iPad. I always thought I defined it, and then, when I would stumble in something else that required the apple ID password, i would sometimes get this error. I changed this password a thousand times, and then i must have stopped needing one of them, because I have only needed the one to use on the app store. Until now, that is.

Check Using your Apple ID for Apple services
Learn more about Apple IDs and using your Apple ID with Apple services, such as iCloud and the iTunes Store.

It looks like it might help you.

You should have just one AppleID (and one associated password), and use it for everything (cloud, apps, etc.) However, it’s possible to use one AppleID for iCloud, and a different one for the App Store/iTunes (for example, a family with individual cloud accounts that all share the same apps/music). It sounds like you’ve gotten it set up that way somehow.

If you’ve never successfully gotten the cloud working, I’d change the AppleID for the cloud in the iCloud settings to be the one that works for the store, and all should be well. If not, take it in to an Apple store; this is the sort of thing they pay those “geniuses” for.


I think that is exactly what happened. I have no recollection of setting up two separate id’s and passwords, but clearly I did. I have been having trouble with this since I got my iPad, but after I was finally able to get into the App Store I forgot about it. Now, I get this iCloud password reminder at least once a day, and it gives me no way to change the password or to even get it mailed to me.

It also doesn’t tell me what it thinks my Apple ID is, but I looked it up in my settings, and it is what i thought it was. But that is the same ID I use for the store, so I am very confused.

I haven’t looked at rsa’s links but will first thing tomorrow and check back in.