Computer cabinet and heat removal

I recently bought a new computer desk that has a neat cabinet for the tower to keep it out of sight…
problem is, it gets really warm in there… anyone know of a product or something I can make that will cool it down in there?

I was thinking that something like a metal box with water sealed inside would suck heat away from the computer really well, but that’s hardly ideal.

What I’d do is drill-and-blast some holes to mount a fan or two in there. Get a couple 4- or 5-inch 12 V fans and a 12 V power adaptor and you’re good to go.

I would second Q.E.D’s suggestion on making some holes on the back of that desk.

I never get the desks with the cabinets for the computer. It’s really bad for your computer.

So cut away some of the back of the desk and invest on a couple of good computer case fans.