Computer "Freezing Up" question

Windows XP. Comptuer was frozen when I returned to it, so I rebooted. Everything loaded as normal, then it froze again about 10 seconds after the desktop appeared.

Re-booted in safe mode–froze before loading the desktop.

I tried about 5 times, with the same results. Any advice?

I would start by just leaving it off for a while. Overheating normally causes the computer to reboot, but it’s worth a try.

ETA, make sure all your fans, specifically your CPU fan are running.

Yeah, let it cool off. Actually, open the case up and blow out all the crap that’s inside. That should help.

I had it turned off overnight, and then tried again this morning with no luck.

I’ll check the fans tonight when I get home.

The first thing I think of in a case like this is the memory is faulty. try removing and reseating it. Try booting with one stick only if your computer can run that way. Switch out the stick for a different one if it still hangs.

What exactly do you men when you say the computer froze? Does the mouse pointer move? Does the Numlock light go on and off (you’ll need to repeat that 10 or so times because the keyboard has a buffer). Try booting to Safe Mode with Command Prompt.

Has anything changed recently? New software installed? New hardware? Had you just applied an update from MS?