Computer generated questions

Earlier today I was looking for a new place to live. Have to move for reasons that aren’t important here. At one point, I had to apply for a credit or background check and the web page wanted to be certain I was me and not a bot or impostor. It generated three questions that had multiple choice answers, 5 choices for each and the last one was always “none of the above”.

One question was no big deal, it asked for a phone number that I’d used. One of the choices was my current number, so no problem.

Another question was what city my mother (it gave her name) lived or owned property in. Well, my mother passed away a couple-three years ago, so the answer should have been “none”. But I figured the program didn’t know that, so answered the city she had lived in.

The last question was a doozy. It wanted to know what my monthly payment was on the last car loan I’d had. The problem here was that I’d paid off the last such loan in 1991. And of course, I couldn’t remember what the payment was. The possible answers were ranges starting at $500 and going up and I have a vague memory that my payments were around $400. My memory could have been wrong (it often is when it’s that vague), but I answered “none” anyway.

I seem to have passed, so either I guessed right or I just needed to get two out of three.