Computer graphics problem with new machine

I upgraded my machine yesterday, and I’m getting graphics glitches with certain movies. I downloaded the Crysis game trailer (which is .wmv) and also tried to watch a music video on Launch (using both IE 6 and Firefox 2; I’m not sure what format that video is in, because it streams). In both instances, the colors were all, I guess polarized would be the best description of it. Everything was in neons and hard to see. I tried to take a screenshot, but it didn’t work.

My new machine:

Core 2 Duo 6300 1.86GHz
Foxconn P9657AA motherboard
Corsair DDR2 800 MHz memory
ATI Radeon X1900GT 256 MB video card
SATA 3.0 Gbs 250 GB Western Digital hard drive
DVD-ROM, floppy, and power supply are from existing machine

I’ve installed DirectX 9.0c and the DivX codec. I’ve also installed Windows Media Player 9 and Quicktime 6.5.2. I had no trouble watching videos on Google video and YouTube.

When you say that you upgraded do you mean that you replaced some hardware, software, or built a whole new machine from scratch?

Do you have the latest Catalyst drivers for the video card from ATI’s website?

I replaced the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, and video card. So technically, I built a machine from scratch. I tend to think of it as upgrading when I keep the same case and a few parts.

Yes, I installed the latest drivers from ATI’s site. I should’ve mentioned that.

You mentioned that the Crysis .WMV was hosed, what about other .WMV? Do they play OK? I’m wondering if this is something particular to a specific format/player or some individual files.

Ah ha! Got it working. I updated WMP to version 11 beta 2, and that fixed the problem. It appeared to be a .wmv problem exclusively, probably a codec issue. Thanks for your help, Valgard.