Computer help, browser keeps crashing

My computer’s a little old, 97’ or so, and it’s been showing its age. Aside from consistently freezing up if I leave it alone for more than ten minutes and heightened run ins with the BSOD, both of my web browsers (IE and Navigator) have a tendency to crash at a moment’s notice for no good reason. As of late they’ve been crashing every five minutes or so. Certain sites, like google, will cause an automatic crash.

I spent a decent chunk of last night running scan disk and that didn’t fix the problem. I also headed over to MS’s site but discovered my computer’s too old to handle the latest versions of IE or something. Keeps telling me I don’t have enough memory and quite frankly I can’t erase much more.

Any help on fixing these problems would be appreciated. For anyone who answers I suppose I should mention that while I’m not computer illiterate I am driving in the slow lane of the Information Super-Highway. I’m half tempted to just run out to Best Buy and get a new computer. About time for an upgrade anyways.

Do you have any programs running inthe background? Specifically, andy download accelerators or like programs? Try disabling the running programs one at a time and see if there’s a link between a running program and your problem.

You could also try deleting your temporary internet files under c:\windows emporyary internet files. Just wipe out everything in the folder, or go into internet properties (right click on IE explorer), and select “delete temporary files”. I’m not sure, but Netscape may have the equivalent in the Netscape directory.

Could also be heat related cause your vents are clogged with dust…not enough fans, etc. You could take the case top off & see if it stays cool & works longer, then you would know.

TO me it just sounds like you have an old computer, and it’s playing up. May be signs of the end. When this happened to me the first time, a serious upgrade was the only solution.

But I’m no expert.

Well that half tempatation turned into full temptation. The problems I listed above were only about half of what I was dealing with, if that much; that damn computer was held together with duct tape near the end. I consulted with some other people in IRL, tried multiple remedies and I finally just said the hell with it. I am now happily on a new computer with about twenty times the memory and at least ten times faster then that lemon I’ve been using.

Now if I can just figure out why my old ISP refuses to recognize my password I’ll be a happy camper. Thanks for the advice everyone.

RE: ISP refusing password

Does anybody else have access to your account? With my ISP, if someone else is logged on, it will act as if your password is wrong.