Why is my computer hard crashing when I hit certain sites?

I’m using Windows 98, my browser is Netscape 7.0, When ever I access certain sites such as CNN for example, (not always, just often enough to cause a torrent of swear words) my machine will “hard crash” - that is, it just freezes up, even the famous CTRL + ALT + DEL is not heard. What could be causing this? and how do I fix it? short of a reformat that is.


The machine is a PII, 800mhz, with 128 megs of ram, windows 98se

it could be sevaral things. First off, cnn.com uses javascript so be sure thats enabled. I recommend using Opera, which you can get from opera.com. Install the Java version if you dont already have it installed. Use Opera as your default browser if it works well. Try this before going into any more detail.

Netscape 7 should be able to handle it but some pages can take hold of your computer for a minute or more. Push the CAPs Lock key when it happens, if that light works then just wait for the webpage to complete loading.