Computer problem?

An HP PC w/ XP and I’ve been using Netcape 8.1. This problem started yesterday and I can think of nothing I did that might have triggered it. The screen freezes and when I click on it, anywhere, it reloads, but slowly, takes almost a minute. It keeps repeating this cycle every minute or so. I downloaded the Netscape browser last Aug. and it has been working OK until this.
I switched to IE and it seems to be working w/ no problems.
Any ideas on what could be causing this, or how to remedy it?

If you like Netscape, check to see if there is a patch or newer version. You might need to remove program and reinstall.

You could also restore your computer to an earlier time and see if that fixes it.

Why this is occuring, I have no idea.

I’m not familiar with Netscape, but could it be some kind of plugin that has been installed to permit some site or other to be viewed? Is there a plugin/extension manager where you could selectively disable individual extensions to see if one of them is the cause?

The easiest fix to try is a uninstall and reinstall.