Computer Movies

What hardware/software do you need to play VCD movies on a computer?


A CD-ROM Drive and Windows Media Player. Open the DAT files in the mpegav folder on the VCD. If that doesnt work, look over the FAQs at .

Get a program called the Playa. And Divx. Good stuff.

If it’s VCD 1.0 format, you don’t need anything other than windows media player, I don’t think. If it’s VCD 2.0, you’ll probably need a software DVD player like WinDVD.

Whatever happened to that MPEG card that we used to need?

You can still buy MPEG hardware - it generally has hardware correction and enhancement, so it’ll look a lot better and run a lot faster - but you can still watch things without them, it just looks worse and requires your CPU.

Blitzweb: DivX and VCD aren’t related at all. The only similarity is that both happen to be types of video (Though technically VCD is just a standard group of settings for the MPEG1 Video codec).

DivX is just a compression codec

The latest versions of Quicktime will play MPEG-1 files. Just pop in the VCD, dig out the file, and play 'em. Alternately, you can use free software like FreeVCD that will find the files for you and play 'em back.