Is there a stand alone DVD player that will play computer files?

Such as avi and mpeg files?


I have no link, but I’m sure I’ve heard of some models that will.

The confusing thing is there’s a codec someone made, and they idiotically called it “DivX”, like that failed DVD “rental format” or whatever from a few years ago. Some of these newer DVD players, IIRC, support the DivX codec (which is what you want), not the old dead DivX format (which you don’t). How do you tell the difference? Hopefully it’s clear, but I’d be very careful.

You might look here for information based on reports from consumers.

The various formats the player will play will oftentimes be listed on the box (with their respective logos). I didn’t pay any attention to mine, and was pleasantly suprised that my el-cheapo $30 Day-after-Thanksgiving player plays .mpgs (never tried .avis) straight off the disc. That makes sense once you realize that the DVD video format IS mpeg (MPEG-2 IIRC).

The specific popular one among the pirates is the Philips DVP642. It does DivX and XVid, most of the time.

In general, the cheap ones you get at Walmart are better at playing the computer formats than the name brands. I assume because software is relatively cheap and that’s all it really takes to support wacky formats.

Not really. Mpeg and mpeg2 are not intercompatible. However, VCD is or was a popular format in asia, and VCD:mpg as DVD:mpg2.

It shouldn’t be difficult for a player that supports VCD to support plain mpg, but not many players do.

I just bought a LG LDA-530 dvd player to do exactly what the OP wants - to play video files (and audio) straight off of the computer. So far it has played everything I have thrown at it - avi, mpg, wmv, mp3, wma and jpg. It saves me from having to re-encode files (very slow) and burning with the dvd format (inefficient use of space and slow). The divx codec is mpeg 4 which is much more efficient than mpeg 2 which is used by the dvd format. I just want to record tv shows on the computer, and them play them in a different room on our tv.

I have one of those. It’s cheap and gets the job done, but you definitely won’t be able to forget how cheap it is: the user interface feels like it was slapped together in half a day. The navigation arrows do double duty as FF/REW/slow-motion (but work differently for DVDs and AVIs), the MENU button’s behavior is totally unintuitive for data discs, the DISPLAY button brings up a jump-to-time menu and you have to push a few more buttons to see the elapsed time, etc.

It plays DivX, XviD, MP4, WMV (the older versions based on MPEG4), AVI subtitles (either built into the file or as a separate .srt), (S)VCD, MPG files, MP3s (but no shuffle feature), so I can’t complain too much.

.mpg files can be either MPEG 1 or 2. Just about every DVD player you can buy these days supports VCD (MPEG1) and SVCD (MPEG2).

This program can randomly play a mix of information. Text, Pictures, Audio and VIDEO.


Recently I shot 135 video clips at a local drag race. All very short of course.

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Then the next random set. Pictures or audio can be easily intermixed with the above.

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See the thread: Nobody Shares Knowledge Better Than This

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Spectate… why? Just why. Do you honestly think people from 7 years ago still care? Did your account get hacked by a spammer? What does an App have to do with a DVD player?

And most importantly… can zombies play AVI and MP4 video formats?

More like 2480 responses tapping the glass.

I’m not sure you should use that link to try to bolster your point… it kinda has the opposite effect. It did help explain things, though.

Wow you’ve been stewing that spam for over 3 years. Luckily that stuff stays good forever as long as you don’t open the can.

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i think that Magnavox dvd recorders that record to dvd or hd will play those files. it has a usb input for a flash drive.

OR they are running pirated versions of proprietary codecs but since its some little manufacturer selling through 3 layers of distributors and changing brand names every 3 months they gte away with it. A well known brand would end up paying all kinds of licencing fees to avoid legal action.