computer networking question

Ok so i got 2 netgear ethernet adapters and the 50ft chord…
I hooked it up, installed software… now what? I cant seem to browse the other network, when i go to network neighborhood it only shows the current computer directories. Also can i share an internet connection like this, computer 1 has dsl and i wanna hook up computer 2… will i need any additional hardware? or will the 2 adapters be enough?

In this setup (no hub) you must use a crossover cable, not just a regular network cable.

Yes, you should be able to share an internet connection this way, though you may have to always first sign on to the internet with the DSL computer.

Have you assigned IP addresses for each of the computers?
(If so, what happens when you type(in a DOS window) PING followed by a space and the IP address of the other machine?

Is the cable a crossover type?

You need a bub. Just buy a cheap 4 way $ 30.00 hub and all will be well.

Just make that a hub, bubs are lot more housepower than you need.

      • You need proxy server program to share a DSL connection. There are free ones available online.
  • Both PC’s each need a (different) name, and they need the same workgroup name (IIRC).
  • Some brands/models of networking cards do not function with crossover cables at all (Linksys LNE100TX is one) and there’s a few that even specifically say that they won’t. If yours doesn’t then you will need to get/make normal cables and a hub. - DougC
  1. Make sure you have a crossover cable.

  2. Make sure each computer is speaking an identical protocol in the network setup. If you are setting up a local IP network, it’s easiest to use static IP addresses ( for the computer with the DSL connection, and for the other one). Make sure that you leave the DSL network IP address alone (it’s probably set up to obtain an IP from your ISP).

  3. Hi opal!

  4. Make sure Microsoft file and print sharing is enabled on both systems.

  5. If you are using ME or 2000 or XP on the computer with the DSL connection, just enable connection sharing and you are pretty much done. If you are using another OS, you need additional software to do it (actually, I’m told 98SE has the ability to do it too, but I’ve never tried).

  6. You don’t need a hub for two computers. Three or more, you need a hub.

While engineer_comp_geek (he knows this, but forgot to mention it) is correct that you don’t need a hub for two computers, if your internet connection uses ethernet, you will need a hub, since you have three connections total.

Actually, you don’t need a hub. You can make do with 2 NICs in one of the computers.