Computer not staying connected to the internet

I’ve been having nonstop issues with my internet connection ever since I moved to my new apartment. The internet’s coming from my landlord upstairs (I’m in a basement apartment) and it’s included in the rent.

First off, I’m running Windows 7. I have a wireless connection (Netgear N300 USB adapter if that’s useful info) and it won’t stay connected for more than a week every couple of months. I’ve had my computer checked and it will connect to other networks. It’s been giving me DNS errors mainly. I’ve flushed the DNS several times and set my TCP/IP 6 & 4 to automatically obtain the address and DNS server. My wireless icon says I have internet access, but I do not. Avast has been able to update, but nothing else is getting anything.

Last week I started getting an error saying that the router needed to be rebooted. I called my landlord and he restarted it. Nothing happened on my end. He rebooted it again yesterday and still nothing. I ran troubleshooting and I got “Windows can’t communicate with the device or resource (primary DNS server).” I was able to get the main Google search page on Chrome for about two seconds and Steam halfway updated before the connection crapped out. Firefox just spun its wheels and couldn’t access anything.

My landlord’s internet upstairs is working fine. He was actually online yesterday when I called. One of my co-workers said it could be the router having issues, possibly overheating, but wouldn’t that mess up his internet connection as well?

I did try a wired connection, but the cable that connects to the router is pretty crappy so it doesn’t work either. The wired connection actually stopped working a couple of weeks after I moved in, which is why I went to wireless.

I’m to the point of using Language on this. Anybody have any ideas what’s going on?

Since you’re getting DNS errors and your landlord stays online while you’re not, the error may be caused by your internet provider’s DNS server. Try a free DNS server like Google’s (address: If this works, either keep this setting or report to your ISP about the DNS error.

Try using a static IP-adress with some other dns servers ( / are googles public dns servers.)

Try updating your drivers for your wifi-dongle.

Try a different wifi-dongle.

Try a different computer.

Try connecting to the router with a cable.

Non of the above mentioned method provide a solution for your problem, but doing so will provide you with some clues as to what is wrong.

(It is quite common that you have to popo(power off/power on) wifi related devices/computers)

I’ll try the Google IPs tonight when I get home. Librarian, is the second one supposed to be or

Knowing whether your landlord’s connected directly to the router or using wireless is important. If he’s directly connected than no surprise he has a connection, however if he has a wireless connection also and you’re the only one that gets kicked off than it’s time to compare what’s happening to yours that isn’t happening to his.

Thank you! I made a note to myself to look those instructions up when I got to work this morning.