Computer problem: Macro deleting text

I wanted to rercord a macro for address labels (using Avery labels, which are accommodated in the software).
The first time I tried printing the labels out–as I was recording the macro–the labels came out fine. But the second time I ran the macro, the program only printed Line 1 (the name), but not Lines 2 or 3, on the labels.
This is with a Dell Inspiron 4100, Windows XP, and a Brother laser printer.
How do I get the system to print all 3 lines on the labels?

I need more info.

What was different between print run-1 and print run-2?

Did you save the file and re-open for the second run?

Did you have the file open and print once then a second time?

Did you tell the printer to print two copies and it messed up the second run?

Is the macro pulling data from another file?

(I have more options but hopefully you see my point. I (we) need more info to be of help.)

Which software were you using? Was this MS Word, or some kind of Avery program?

I print labels in Word, and there’s no macro involved. What was your macro doing?

There was nothing technically different between run 1 and run 2, each of which consisted of one sheet of labels.
Apparently the computer saves the file automatically, so far as it goes.
I pushed “Run” to print promptly after printing the first set of labels.
I have no other macro files. I have never before attempted to record macros on this computer.
This is regular MS Word software; I pulled down the menu under Tools, highlighted and clicked Macros on the menu, chose Record Macro, and then went through the steps to print the address labels–including inserting a single sheet into the Manual Feed slot on the printer. It printed only Line 1, the name; not Lines 2 or 3, the address.

I think diagnosis would require seeing the actual code in the macro.

When I displayed the code it only showed that first line, with the name, surrounded by quotation marks andf followed by a comma. Since it was only one line, I don’t know what symbols would properly appear between different lines to mark them as such on the code display. When I tried running the macro with the other lines added (each one surrounded by quotation marks and followed by a comma), the computer stopped and announced a syntax error. There the matter stands.