Emergency MS Word help!!!

I’m using MS Word. I’m doing some address labels, but I can only get one page at a time. Basically, I’ve filled this page’s allotment of labels, but I can’t get a second page without creating a whole new document. I’ve never had this problem before and I don’t know why I can’t do it now. Help!

Once you get to the last label on the page, you should be able to press TAB and move to the next row of labels (on the next page). Is that not working?

Yeah, that’s what I was doing at first, but it just shot me to the top of the page.

How many pages of labels are you doing? Are you sure it’s not starting a new blank page when you hit tab??

No, it wasn’t because there would already be stuff written in and the little page counter thingie would still say 1/1 and it wouldn’t let me scroll anymore. I think it was my keyboard because after I gave up and rebooted my computer it worked fine.

I dunno. Very weird.