Word 2007 Problems

I recently upgraded to Office 2007, and I’m feeling like this was a colossal waste of money. Excel works ok, but Word has been a constant exercise in frustration.

In writing up math papers, I use the equation editor extensively. This seems to wreak havoc on Word’s Print Layout, Full Page, and Web views. I have several documents where the only way I can view and/or edit beyond the first page or two is in Draft Mode.

For instance, in Print Layout, if I scroll down using the mouse wheel, this happens. If I hit page down or use the scroll bar, it just refuses to go beyond the second page.

This is only a problem because I want to see that my equations are lining up correctly (which is another problem I’ve been having), that things are centered correctly, etc.

Any ideas what’s going on here?

BTW, I spent a hour or so Googling, to no avail, before posting here. Also tried searching here, but it doesn’t seem to be working right now.