Computer Problem - No Sound

The sound on my computer no longer works - speakers are okay and I think the amplifier is fine. When I attempt to play music, NO sound goes through the speakers and the sound goes through that tinny internal computer speaker and it sounds really bad!!! Any help would be appreciated! My computer uses Windows 10 and I’ve had this computer for about 2 years.

After checking obvious causes (for example, speakers not muted or volume not set to 0%), you could try running the Windows sound troubleshooter (Start, Settings, System, Sound, Troubleshoot).

Are the speakers connected via the jack plug, or is it a USB or Bluetooth connection? In the latter case, the solution could be as simple as setting the correct speakers as the sound output device in the Windows settings.

Do you by chance have a controller, like an XBox controller, plugged in?

About half the time I activate my controller Windows insists on sending sound to the nonexistent headphones attached to the controller.

Go to Sound Settings and ensure the output is to the expected device.

I don’t think it would go through the crappy internal speaker in that case, though. I’ve had the problem of the sound not working because of controllers, or even plugging in a monitor with speakers (that are turned off), but nothing came out of the computer in those cases.

To the OP, check to make sure that your sound card or external speakers aren’t disable. When you pull up the sound control panel, what devices are there? Also, how do you know your external speakers are OK?

If you’ve checked the settings others have mentioned and it still doesn’t work you can get an external sound card that plugs into USB. I one bought one for about $10 when sound on my last computer went out; used it for several years without problems.

Make sure you’re not plugged into the mic jack, if there’s a separate port.

How are you connected to the external speakers? Every once in a while, my Bluetooth connection stops working. After many such experiences, I have finally found a cure. I reboot, but NOT by shutting down normally, but by holding the on/off button for 10 seconds. Shutting down normally seems to save whatever bad byte is causing the problem, while emergency off seems not to. Then I boot up and the problem always seems solved. So far.

We have some Dells that occasionally select the wrong speaker set for the default speakers.
That is under control panel, sound, select the speaker set and make it the default.

I recently brought an older laptop back from the grave and it had forgotten that sound existed–system tray icon had an X through it, settings didn’t even HAVE anything related to sound, couldn’t click on the system tray icon to get the sound settings to come up, nothing. Eventually I had to go into Device Manager and uninstall the sound card then rebooted and hey presto, normal sound. I have no idea why it did that but I blame MicroSlave.

That’s no great mystery. I suspect that on that old machine, the sound drivers were hopelessly outdated. Uninstalling caused the system to install the current drivers on restart, that’s standard Windows behavior.

Checked the drivers first off and WinBloze said they were up to date and when I checked afterward drivers had the same date on them so nope, not drivers that I can tell.

Ok, then shrug it off as standard Windows weirdness and the old rule that rebooting solves half of all Windows troubles…

I tried all those solutions but none of those worked. :rage:
I think it’s no longer useful to try anything else.
Nevertheless, thanks to everyone for all the help. :+1:

Again, how are the speakers connected? Bluetooth or a wired plug?

If the latter you most likely have a problem with the wire, jack or socket. Either way, try the speakers with any other device, say someone else’s computer. This is to determine if the issue is in the speakers or the computer.

And there’s always percussive maintenance for the other half!

Actually the speakers are working again!!!
Someone visiting me (who said she knows very little about computers) started clicking on a few prompts and after a few minutes, the sound worked again!!! She might have clicked on a “driver update” that was waiting to be installed. What really surprised (actually bothered) me was that she clicked on a prompt that asked if a driver for headphones should be installed. She clicked “Yes” and that may have restored the sound! That bothers me because whoever programmed that driver update typed the wrong instruction!!! ARRGGGHHHH!!!
Askance inquired if my speakers were connected via Bluetooth or a regular old, antiquated, antediluvian, prehistoric wire. I always choose the least complex method when doing anything with my computer! Why? Just look at my recent problem with the computer sound. In the old days, the problem could have been a broken wire, the wall plug to the to the amplifier may have come loose, etc. In this day and age, a problem could occur because I was utilizing the “incorrect internet protocol” or maybe a different version of Windows 10 was installed on my computer. ARRGGGHHHH!!!
I’m now 70 years old and maybe I’ve become a “grumpy old man” that doesn’t like all these newfangled contraptions.
Gee, perhaps I should investigate what “integrated, content-based archives”, or “user-friendly, zero defect protocols” actually do!! LOL :rofl: