computer problem--not sure how to describe

I’m running Windows 98 and have had an external HP cd-writer (8100 series) installed for about a year. It’s never really worked the way I liked, so I went out and bought an external Dynex model.

I uninstalled the HP software and installed the Dynex. Suddenly, my computer has serious issues. It will load up the desktop, but freezes in a peculiar way shortly thereafter. For example, I can click on an icon but it won’t upon it. The arrow just becomes an hourglass. If I Ctrl-alt-del it says that msgrv32 isn’t responding. Other times, ypager isn’t responding.

This is interesting to me because the computer normally loads Yahoo instant messenger immediately; something seems to be blocking it now.

Ending tasks doesn’t fix the problem. It responds by saying Explorer itself isn’t responding. I have no choice but to shut down the computer.

I have disconnected the Dynex device from the computer, that doesn’t fix the problem.

The computer won’t boot in safe mode. I just get a blank green screen, no icons.

I contacted Dynex support. They told me I had a virus. I do regular checks, and I don’t see how I should have a virus that just happens to start affecting the system when the Dynex software is installed. “You’d be surprised,” the customer support person said, and pretty much hung up on me.

Has anyone encountered something like this before? Could it be virus? And is there any way to deinstall the Dynex software if I can’t get into safe mode? The computer won’t let me access any area of the computer beyond the desktop.

Another question: could upgrading the system to Windows XP possibly solve the problem? I was thinking it might be something junky in Windows 98 that’s causing a system conflict, but I just don’t know enough about computers to judge. Does the problem sound "obvious’ to anyone?


Turn of the computer and access the Boot Menu (tap F8 continuously when the manufacturer’s screen come up until the Boot Menu appears). Select Command Line and hit enter. At the C:\ prompt, type scanreg /restore , and hit enter. This will run the Registry Checker program, and will display 5 saved registries you may restore from. Choose one dated before you added the Dynex, and click the Restore button. When your computer restarts, the Dynex will no longer be installed, but everything else should work.

It’s not likely to be a virus.
You might try this:

1: Go to add/remove under control panel software and make sure all the Dynex software is removed.

2: Get into safe mode per FI’s tapping method and go to Control Panel>System Properties>Device Manager> and (right click) delete everything listed under “universal serial bus controllers” also delete any reference to the Dynex drive if present.

Restart the system normally and let the OS plug and play re-install the USB drivers.

If problem continues go into the BIOS and defeat the USB activation if this option exists. Restart system.

Hi, thank you both. Fear Itself, I’m going to try your advice once I get home from work.

Thanks again!

Also, once you get to Safe Mode, go [ Start | Run ] and type “msconfig” to check the start up files. You might want to disable a number of them just to get a clean boot.