computer Q: right click lag (win2k)


On my windows2000 machine, I have a probem: whenever I right click on something, there is a lag of two to seven seconds for a menu (or whatever) to pop up.

It seems to be culmulitive, so if I right click, wait for the delay, get the menu, cancel it, if I rigtht click some place else, it’ll pop up right away. But if I leave it for a while (10 mins?) do normal left click and typing work, when I go to rigt click, the lag is back.

It’s verrrrry frustrating, and happens in every windows app I use, as well as the OS itself.

I am using a Athlon 1.4g, 512mb RAM. It’s a moderately recent install (three months?) I don’t use the machine much now I have a new machine at work, but it does have a lot of apps on it. Performance in other ways is fine, as you’d expect from a machine of this spec. The mouse is PS2, but I used to have a serial on on it, and it did the same thing.

Any ideas, anyone?

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When I’ve experienced this type of thing in Windows, it’s usually because Windows is (stupidly IMO) searching the network for something. For example - one of your file types may somehow have been associated with an application on a network drive. E.g. your zip files open with Winzip on a different computer. I think I’ve also seen this behavior when one or more of the items on the Start|“Documents” menu is on a remote drive.

I’ve always felt that Windows is very “network naive” in this respect.

I’ve seen the same thing (it’s taken about 60 seconds before the right-click menu came up!) and I surmised that it was trying to find something on the network. Is there any way to find out what application is causing the problem?

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I had this problem. I found it got better if I turned off my Virus protection software. It was McAfee anti virus software. This was not really acceptable since downloading stuff is when you really want the virus protection. I reinstalled the anti virus software and it was fixed.

Thanks Gazpacho! Coincidentally, I changed virus checking software last night, and I notice now, after reading your post, that the problem is fixed! That would have bugged me for ever.

and a big sorry to all for posting my URL in my original post, I clean forgot. I feel like an idiot. Sory.