Computer question: disappearing Start-bar

OK, I’ve got a Dell Inspiron 600m laptop. I start it up and all is well. When it goes into a hibernate mode (or whatever it is), and I try to get it rolling again, there’s no start-toolbar at the bottom. I need to reboot the computer to bring it back.

I dunno how to fix this. I’ve already clicked on the Control Panel that says that the start-toolbar should always be on top.

Anyone think they can help me figure this out?

It’s Windows XP, I can give any other info. I tried to go to the Windows Help page, and that was a total bust, I got twisted around in an inability to register or log on or whatever it was.

Have you tried right clicking on the task bar and clicking “Lock the Taskbar”. ?

Try this and see if it works.

I feel kinda silly telling you this, as you are the administrator for one of the most powerful message boards and info portals on the planet…but this situation happens all the time to my wife…and al you need to do is place your cursor as far to the bottom as you can, left click and hold, and drag up…Thats it. The start bar is just hidden… Happens all the time to my wifes laptop, which is comparable to yours… :slight_smile:

Sounds like his problem is not as simple as that. Sounds like his start bar is ‘crashing’, correct me if I am wrong CKDH.
do you have a start button on your keynoard? press it (this often unhides a hidden bar)

Try ctrl-alt-delete and in the processes tab do end process on ‘explore.exe’ it will restart after you do this (the process, not the computer)

That should be Windows key on your keyboard.

For those who are leery of Ctrl-Alt-Delete, Ctrl-Esc is supposed to have the same effect as clicking on the Start button, even if it’s hiding. Does that do anything for you?

The Windows™ key found on many MS-compatible keyboards has the same effect.

This is quite possibly not really a toolbar problem. Hibernation involves a lot of hardware and software working together seamlessly. It sounds like your machine is not hibernating and resuming correctly, and it’s essentially partially crashing the desktop when it comes back and the toolbar goes with it.

1: Check your BIOS power down settings

2: Check your OS power down settings in control panel

3: Go to Dell’s support site for the latest drivers for your machine and OS and apply them. I would also DL the latest BIOS flash and update your machine’s BIOS if necessary.

If all else fails you could always turn off the hibernate feature.