(computer question) How do I expunge all 'remembered' field inputs on Win98?

You know how on some people’s computers, when you fill out a couple fields on some websites or even just in windows applications, the computer ‘remembers’ the data, then when you’re filling out another one somewhere (in a different app., setting, etc.) it fills it in with whatever you’ve typed elsewhere. Typically only if the thing you write starts with the same letter or number.

So if I put my e-mail address as: ‘greenlegsandlamb@muchmail.com’ in the field for “e-mail address” on some website, and then I am at another one and it asks for something for which I would put either my e-mail address or something that begins with the letter “G,” it fills in the field with my e-mail address.

Most of you are familiar with this. So I am using my friends computer, who has repeatedly asked me not to use it very much, and here I am downloading things left and right, having my fun. I would prefer if he didn’t know that I wasted my time staying here at his place by playing video games and downloading music. One thing that would help would be if none of the ‘remembered’ data put into fields and whatnot were gone. Keep in mind this occurs in numerous windows programs, not limited to web work. and I use IE, and deleting temporary internet files and the cookies too, does not help (which seems a little wierd).

Anyone got suggestions? I know this is a bit techy and dweeby (not ‘fascinating science’ as I most like to read on these forums), but it’s gonna bug me for a while, and I don’t think I can figger it out myself. Thanks a bunch.

Assuming you’re talking about Internet Explorer, go to Tools - Options - Content - Autocomplete, and clear both Passwords and Forms.