Computer question, invovles games, display drivers, and opengl

Okay my computer will not play Metal of Honor Whenever I run the game I get this message

So I check out this website and it tells me that:

So I check out what graphics card is, and where is the manufacturer’s website. So I Right click on my desktop then go to properties < settings and look under display. It says

So I go to ATI Technologies’ website and checked out their drivers and software section. In choosing my specs I select Windows XP < Graphic Driver < Rage 128 PRO Family. It sends me to the RAGE 128 PRO Windows XP Display Drivers.

There is where I download the “Recommended Driver - 6.13.3279”

I think: “Gee, all I need to do is install this driver then I will be killing NAZI’s in no time.”. So I download and install but my installation is stopped by an error message

To quote my favourite comic book “AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!”. What is the problem? Where did I go wrong? What can I do to start killing Nazi’s right away? I need help.

Try going into your device manager… and uninstalling your card. Rebbot…and let XP find the drivers itself. Then test the game.

Rebbot = tech speak for reboot apparently. :smack:

Daizy - The windows XP standard drivers do not support OpenGL. He needs to install the new drivers.

swami does your motherboard have onboard graphics? (is there a monitor plug directly connected to the motherboard at the back) It might be possible that winXP is seeing the wrong card when you try to install your drivers.

If so, try disabling them in the bios. If not… contact tech support for ATI, your card sounds like an old one to me.

Oops…nice catch Lobsang
Back to the original plan… you’ll need to find the proper drivers for your card. As Lobsang has mentioned…do make sure you’ve disabled any onboard graphics if you’ve got them.
I also ran across this article. Seems to work for a few people.

Along with the link I just posted…Here’s a fabulous post itemizing things you might want to try.

Swami, is your video card on it’s own card or integrated. If integrated you will have to go to the motherboards manufacturers site and d/l the drivers there.

Would help if you posted your system make and model. I’m assuming you didn’t make your own from your statements (no offense intended).