Computer question: Is this too much to ask? :sigh:

On the “sticky” that usually appears at the top of the General Questions forum (q.v.), I recently posted a question concerning hard-drive space. I got no reply, and a later post I added got no reply either. :frowning:
More recently, I have found that the Temporary Internet Files sub-folder in Windows, shows a voluminous total in the Properties dialog box. But when I open the TIF folder, I just get a window with a blank picture–which would mean there are no files in the folder! But I know better: I’ve used the Find feature on the pop-up menu at the bottom of the screen, and managed to delete all kinds of TIF’s which don’t appear when I “open” the folder.
I’d like to get a normal screen that shows the TIF’s sub-folders (I’ve found titles like E3ynoj8r and H75xqd9k) and delete the files in a more conventional manner rather than doing a search-and-destroy via the Find featrure.
And I would appreciate having someone answer me this time.

Open Internet Explorer. Click “Tools” in the menubar. Click “Internet Options” in the dropdown menu. Under “Temporary Internet Files,” you can delete the cookies and files, or click “Settings.” From here, you can view the files normally, as well as set how much space you want to allot for them.

Yes, your majesty.


Open up “My Computer”, and in that window, select the “Tools”->“Folder Options” menu item. In the window that comes up, select the “view” tab. You will be presented with a bunch of selectable boxes. Change the following options:

Display the contents of System Folders (Check this box)
Hidden Files and Folders (change option to “Show hidden files and folders”)
Hide protected operating system files (uncheck this box)

This will make those “invisible” files and folders show up in your explorer windows. These options are the first things I’ll change after installing Windows. Windowz don’t be hidin’ anytin from meh!


sweepkick has what you need to do to see the files. Garfield226 has the fast method to delete the files without having to search.

You can reply to those threads?! They’re still alive?! I thought they were just there for informational purposes and people would read them and make another thread for their actual question.

I wonder how many questions get lost in there…

Exactly. I never read that sticky thread because I consider it static and I don’t need the advice. Perhaps the mods ought to lock it.

Yeah I always thought they were more for review … a “read this before you ask a computer question” thread to alleviate redundant questions.

People don’t read the sticky threads unless they’re new to the boards, and most a locked. I didn’t know any were still postable.

Thanks to the Dopers who answered my question. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
As for the “sticky,” I had not contemplated that notion about it. Perhaps there should be a full-fleged thread with the title “Post Your Computer Questions in This Thread.” or something.
How about it? :slight_smile: