Computer question: Monitor going on stand-by

My co-worker has a problem with his monitor at home. He will be using his computer, and after some random time (1-2hrs) the monitor will just go on standby/suspend mode, with the orange light on. Turning the monitor off, then on, does nothing. The only thing that works is turning off the computer for about 30 minutes, and then powering it back up. He went into the power management area under the “Settings” tab to change the monitor settings to “never go into standby” for the computer and the monitor, and nothing has changed. He has Windows98, the computer is a Compaq Presario 5284.

The monitor is a MV-900 (Compaq), and I already ribbed him for that. He says he borrowed a friend’s monitor, and didn’t have this problem at all.

So, any ideas how to fix this?

My MV 900 does this as well but it’s sporadic. You don’t need to turn the PC off for 1/2 hour only a few seconds. But it need to be all the way OFF and powered down. Not cycling through a reset. Don’t know the answer just wanted to let you know it might be a monitor hardware issue.

My monitor has it’s very own setting for going on standby, its part of the monitor setup menu …on the monitor that is.

I have the very same problem. Since I’ve changed my settings to “never standby” it happens a lot less often, but it still happens. Before that it was completely random like the OP described, but now it seems to be triggered by certain websites. I have gone to a site that would shut it down, and after powering off and rebooting I went back to the same site and the exact same thing happened. Shame that I don’t recall the address of the site, but I will the next time.

I have an LG Flatron 775FT, and it’s rather new – less than a year old, but when I called the guy who sold it to me he suggested that “Maybe some java script in a banner ad is changing your resolution beyond what the monitor can handle” Yeah…whatever.


I’ll take your word for it that there is a directly observable relationship between this website and the monitor going down, however, I can’t conceive in any way, shape or form how it would be possible that hardware level monitor behavior would be related to viewing a particular website. The nature of the video output signal from the PC doesn’t change unless resolution, frequency or color depth changes are made via hardware of software setting none of which are activated by simply viewing a website.

Viewing a website can possibly lock up your PC and give it a temporary heart attack under certain circumstances if it gets a bellyache running various java scripts or plug in audio/video modules etc but this is how your PC is reacting to the software (ie hardware lockup) and has nothing to do with the monitor even if it looks as if the monitor is what’s going dead.

First off he needs to update his video card drivers. If he goes to Compaqs site he can download and update any drivers he needs.

This site answers some other questions regarding sleep functions. Good Luck!

Before we start blaming video card drivers and websites, let’s try the most obvious first.

Don’t forget that your computer has a Bios. The Bios can also controls power managment. So even though you have your power managment disabled in Windows, the Bios still may override windows settings. So look into your user manual to change the Bios settings.

I had a similar problem and changing the power management settings to never go on standby didn’t work too well. The best solution I found was to disable power managment entirely.

I did this :
start->settings->controll panel->system properties->Device Manager->System Devices and then disabled “Advanced Power Managment Support” You still get the screen saver.

My monitor did this for the longest time; we finally came to the conclusion that there was something wrong with the monitor.

I am now using the monitor that came with the old computer (the one that still has Windows 3.1 installed on it). The monitor that kept shutting down is residing in lonely grandeur in the living room, and no one ever speaks to it. Serves it right, the stupid barstid. :mad:

Did you guys even push the monitor setup button on the monitor itself & see if you have turned on the power saving feature of the monitor itself? This is NOT a bios or a windows setup. Check your monitor manual.

“He says he borrowed a friend’s monitor, and didn’t have this problem at all.”
That about sums up the problem. Either the video card gets out of sync with the monitor, or the monitor is toast. Personally I would buy a bigger monitor!

“He says he borrowed a friend’s monitor”

So, that wouldnt change the power settings on his own monitor. Come on, when I push the setup button on my monitor it gives selections for powersaving on it, change that setting, if it has one.