Computer Question - Monitor vs. TV w/ S-vid...

Ive been on WebTV for a bit now just waiting untill the funds allowed me to get the PC I want. That time has come now. However, I am quite accustomed to having the web on my 37" TV. My TV is S-Video compatable and has quite good resolution. I know the quatily will be no where as good as a moniter but what I want to know is just how much worse will it be? It wont be unbearable will it? I have no bones with the quality of my webtv’s images so I need to know if my TV will be a decent moniter for the time being.

Thanks TM’s…

The PC thru the TV will look worse than WebTV. The problem is that the browser for the WebTV was originally designed to work at TV resolutions, and the one for the PC wasn’t.

I tried webtv recently & you’re sitting so far from it that it looks sharp. With a PC, you sit right next to it.

One thing about webtv is it doesn’t do Java & it formats pages in it’s own way. I think it can only see a fraction of the net.

If I understand correctly (since I might not be doing; it’s been a long day), you’re going to be connecting a PC to your TV? If you set your computer’s resolution low, say around 400x300, it might look okay since most TVs have about 300-600 lines of horizontal resolution and a line doubler might help you with this, though I’m not sure how it’d work w/ computer output. In an interesting note of obsolescence, some video cards won’t let you set your resolution below 640x480 (though this might work as well).

You really don’t want to do this. It will be next to unreadable. Computer software is designed to work at high resolution. WebTV software was designed specifically to work on a television. Keep in mind that no standard computer monitor resolution matches with the resulotion of your television.

It’s not all that bad. I have one system hooked to the TV this way. Yes, you have to set the resolution of the computer to 300x600, but that’s ok for most things that I do. Surfing the net isn’t too bad, but you’ll have to scroll left to right to see the whole screen. I don’t play any of the high quality graphics type games, but IceWind Dale and Baldur’s Gate ran great for me. I also hooked up the wireless keyboard, so I can sit back on the couch to play, or at the table.

Hope this helps, good luck.