Computer question: my computer and my speakers

I have two small Logitech speakers hooked up to my computer. I was listening to my music and decided to stop listening, so I turned my speakers off. But, as I was about to close the program (iTunes), I noticed that I could still hear the music coming from my speakers! I’m so confused. They’re definitely off and iTunes is still running, so I can still hear the music. Even though they’re not on, I can still control the volume with the volume dial on one of the speakers. :confused: This has never happened before, so I have no idea what’s going on. Help?

I hope this doesn’t sound silly…but is it possible that there is a pair of headphones plugged in? My soundcard gets a bit wonky and the main speakers don’t always turn off when I’ve got the headphones in - I turn them off later and am confused when I still hear music.

Quite obviously, the ghost of Elvis has posessed your speakers and is trying to communicate with you. Call an exorcist, or perhaps a medium.

Last time I looked, you could hook up weak, non-self powered speakers to a walkman. The power comes from the headphone plug. They suck. Is it possible that a regular pluged in computer speaker set could work the same way?

Nope, no headphones. There’s a socket on the speakers for plugging in headphones and there definitely aren’t any on my computer. I plugged my headphones in to see what would happen and I can’t hear any sound from the speakers, only through the headphones. But, I don’t have turn my speakers on to hear sound through the headphones, either. Well, I don’t know what else to do, so I’ll just sit here and wait for my father to come home. :confused:

Electronic, maybe that explains that weird dream I had two nights ago. Everyone in my school was possessed with demons and the only way they wouldn’t attack me was if I crossed myself and said, “In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit” without stopping. It scared me.

These are powered speakers, which means they have an amplifier in them. The computer is providing a very weak signal, and the speakers amplify it. When you “turn off” the speakers, you’re turning off the amplifier. If you leave iTunes playing, then that weak signal is still there and you can hear it faintly.