Computer Question: Nvidia drivers


Okay, deep breath.

I’m trying to update my video drivers- Nvidia GeForce MX4 440 I think is the set. I downloaded the appropriate software from the site. It said to uninstall the old drivers first, which I did. It then asked me if I wanted to reboot, which I didn’t. I then ran the installer for the new drivers and rebooted.
When the system came back up, it started telling me there were drivers missing. I needed to tell it to ‘skip’ a few of the drivers I couldn’t find. Now my graphics are hosed. What did I do wrong, and how (in -very- simple terms for a technophobe) do I fix it?

Or, y’know… I could reboot when it says to.


Okay, problem apparently solved. I just get panicky when the comp isn’t running right.

There’s an annoying habit of windows to assume you don’t know what you are doing and put things ‘right’. In this case it’s putting the drivers right back after reboot. Apparently blissfully unaware that people might actually need to update their drivers from time to time.

The solution in this case is to ignore the ‘uninstall old drivers’ rule.