Computer recommendations

As some of you know, I am currently living with my sister and it appears that I will be here for at least the foreseeable future. I am sharing her Dell E610 and have added my own account, if that is the right word. That is to say that she and I have to log in separately; my account has a password but hers doesn’t. I am using the latest version of Firefox but she is afraid to abandon Internet Explorer
She is running Window XP Pro with (I suppose) the latest updates. I’m kind of sick of sharing and I think she is too. My choices are:

1.0 Try to resurrect a five or six year old Dell that is running Windows 2K
2.0 Try to resurrect a five or six year old HP that is running Windows ???
3.0 Buy a new computer and start from scratch. I want a Dell but might consider something else if a good case can be made. I DON"T WANT WIRELESS, PLEASE!

I favor #3 but maybe I’m wrong; let me know if I am. If you agree with the Dell thing, which one would you recommend? I will be using the computer strictly for email, the straight dope and some news sites. I don’t do games although I wouldn’t mind a recommendation for a pool/billiards game.

Here is the main thing: I don’t want to try to set up a network; I want my stuff private and unusable by anyone else, especially her grandchildren. They all know more about computers than anyone else in our family, especially me. Yeah, I don’t want them looking at my collection of female nudes; I’m not into porn.

1.0 Does that rule out using her modem and internet connection?
2.0 Will I need to have installed a separate phone line and modem?
3.0 Are there any other relatively simple alternatives?

As always, thanks for any and all suggestions.

Whats your beef with wireless? You’re referring to a wireless router for your internet at home right? Is there some reason you insist on being plugged into an ethernet cable?

Anyways, how much money do you have to spend? If you’re just gonna send email and read this message board, your 6 year old computer would work for that. However you can currently get the lowest end Dell desktop (no monitor) for $269.00. Wait till the end of the month and it’ll come with Windows 7. Even that low end Dell is gonna be much better than your 6 year old HP. IMO

Also , you mentioned ‘modem’ as far as your internet connection. Is your sister using dial up or some type of broadband? (cable or DSL). If its broadband get a wireless router and you can both use it. I know you said ‘NO WIRELESS’, which seems odd to me, but thats the easiest solution. Perhaps you could chip in the xtra few bucks to upgrade to a faster broadband package. Like if she currently pays for 3mbs, you could pay the extra 15 dollars or so to upgrade to 6mbs.

My sister is using cable broadband but her system is NOT wireless so I figured mine would have to be wireless as well, IF we wanted a network, which we do not. However, we happen to have a cable type router laying around, so if I can be made to be interested, who knows?

I just don’t want wireless, that’s all. Comes from watching Heat too many times, I guess.

Thanks for the input.

I just don’t want wireless; I’m old and old fashioned, I guess.

The six year old HP is the last computer I want to use, I only mentioned that I have it. By choice, and if it still works, I’ll go with the old Dell that has Windows 2K; it also has Office 2K and two hard drives, although I don’t remember their capacity numbers. I will have to buy a key board, mouse, and a monitor, so that will hold the price down. If I buy a new setup, I can put up to about $800 into it, including monitor, but would prefer to spend a little less.

If this is true, just go to a yardsale and buy a used machine for $25. Any computer made in the last 10 years will do these activities just fine.

Yeah, but how about the Pool/Billiard game I asked about and no one has responded to?

Knock yourself out

I rewrote this post several times attempting to address your concerns, but I gave up. I think you need to go back to square one and look at you needs and desires, and how much you really want to spend. As much as I attempt to understand your concerns about privacy and wireless connections, I think you are a bit overboard.

You can buy a quality desktop or laptop at a decent price. Look at Dell, HP, Lenovo. Look at If nothing there suits your needs, then attempt to enhance what you have now. Just keep in mind your technology is considered very old, even ancient. You are hampering yourself. Your choice. At the same time, old technology means your Internet access will be limited as well.

I suggest you go back and perform a reassessment of your computer needs. What do you want to to do with a computer? What software applications will meet those needs? What hardware will run that software? What do you do on the Internet? What Internet “features” you you need? What are you will to give up?

As much as you say you only have “basic” Internet needs, the Internet is moving faster than you. Your “basic” needs may require you to upgrade at a level you don’t want. Again, your choice. FWIW, if you are inclined to buy new, get a laptop. Avoid HP, Gateway, Compaq and Acer. Consider Dell, Lenovo, Sony and Toshiba.

New laptops come with wireless; you don’t have to use it. If your privacy is that much of a concern, get your own DSL account.

I don’t care all that much about wireless but my sister does; she absolutely does not want wireless and I don’t know enough to network wireless and wired components or even if it is possible to do so.

I have very arthritic hands and symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The laptops I’ve tried to use haven’t been all that easy for me so I think I’m stuck with a desktop, using a more ergonomic keyboard and a larger optical mouse. I’m aware that the equipment and software that I own are outdated but it looks more and more as if Marcie and I will be divorcing, so money will be more of a problem; I will not be able to do what I’d like to.

I’m beginning to think I’ll simply have to have an extra phone line installed in my sister’s house, if she will agree, and use what I have, if it works at all.

Thanks for the effort.

Thanks. Looks good.