Computer Science Students are fucked

Half the class in my Programing Languages class left after finding out that the matterial covered in the class was not going to be on the final. It was taught be another professor and it was about Java RMI besides the point in contrast to the lectures by the usual professor this lecture was the most exciting one yet. I actualy didn not fall asleep.

By the way i am a junior at Polytechnic university (brooklyn)

These are the people i am going to have to work with once i graduate. I am so fucked.

No, those are the people who wonder why you got the job and they didn’t.

I hope so.

It pissed me off these people go to school pay the $$$ and dont even want to learn. They just wasting their time totaly. The so called education has become a formality.

I am an optimist . Realy

Sorry to say, but from what I hear your analysis is correct. My brother has been working for various tech companies (including Microsoft) in the Seattle area for the last decade, and he says after the big Internet boom of the late 90’s things REALLY went to hell. Half the people in the field are smart-ass kids with no real knowledge or experience, who thin becaus ehtey can HTML or Java they’re some kind of programming genius.

Good luck. Given the above and the economic state of the field right now, I sure don’t envy you.