computer screen proportions

We are used to viewing documents and magazines with dimensions such as a standard piece of 8 1/2 By 11 paper. Has there been any movement to make our computer monitors taller and less wide? Yes, we can make page fit the screen, but that requires a huge monitor that has a lot of wasted area. Seems like home entertainment is going to wide screen format more and more, so are we going to be forever stuck with this situation, or is the “paperless world” going to the current CRT format?

I’ve seen “portrait” displays in the past (for use by graphics designeers), but the trend seems to be fading. I especially remember the Radius “pivot” display, that you could flip around to look at a spreadsheet (11" wide and 8.5" height), and turn the other way for page layout (8.5" wide and 11" height).

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