Computer screen suddenly started displaying this constantly-- HELP!!

My computer suddenly started displaying the large rectangular “No Signal RGB” warning constantly in the middle of the screen. It disappears for a moment when the computer is restarted (the part where it’s starting up again and flashing “Dell Inspiron”) and then reappears. This is what I’d normally see if the monitor was connected and the computer off, but it’s certainly on now, and everything is working fine (programs, internet, etc.) The message refuses to go away. There is no way to get rid of it or move it. This makes it horribly difficult to do anything and totally impossible to work in graphics.The only thing I can think of that changed right before this was installing a new Wacom Bamboo Create tablet… but it wouldn’t make any sense for this to cause it… but then, the whole thing doesn’t make any sense, so who knows. Replacing the new tablet with the old one and then restarting makes no difference.

Y’all, if anyone has seen this before, PLEASE help with some advice… the entire reason I bought the new (and far from cheap) tablet was for digital painting, which is impossible now!!

Try wiggling the monitor cable around and making sure it’s securely plugged in at both ends. It sounds like the type of error you’d get when it’s damaged or loose.
If you’re lucky it’s just loose and needs to be pushed back in at the computer or monitor end.

The message is probably displayed by the monitor itself, not by the computer. The monitor is trying to tell you that the signal it is receiving from the computer is somehow not adequate.

Usually, these messages are shown on-screen because the computer’s output can’t be shown at all. In your case, it seems the signal is good enough to show the desktop, but still bad enough to trigger the message.

What kind of cable runs from the computer to the monitor? Typical possibilities are VGA (typically blue connectors at each end) or DVI (typically white connectors).

Make sure both ends of the cable are connected properly. VGA or DVI cables typically have thumbscrews to hold the connectors in place, two at each end. Make sure they are screwed in so the cable is secure.

Is it possible that somebody has fiddled with the buttons on the monitor itself? If so, refer to your monitor’s manual to see how to restore it to the normal state.

Yeah, check your connections. Otherwise, I’d look at
your graphics card.

If you have access to another computer that’s working well, try swapping the monitors around. Also try swapping the cables. The problem could be with any of the three.

The message is clearly produced by the monitor. Seeing it flash on during the boot is not uncommon. The problem could be caused by the graphics card though. If you have another cable or monitor to test with you could eliminate those components as culprits. It’s most likely a loose connection, bad cable, or faulty monitor. However it could still be something in the computer itself, and perhaps only a problem with the video cable connector. I hope you can resolve this easily, I can appreciate how annoying this would be.

I THINK it’s working now… I fiddled with the connectors, and it’s gone (for now, anyway.) And I owe it all to the smart people here! :slight_smile:

That’s the collective intelligence of the teeming millions for ya.

“Just wiggle it a bit!”

Well the next option was “Hit it with a hammer”.

Send the checks c/o Cecil.

I have occasionally used the same “wiggle it about a bit” method on various cars, with a reasonable success rate.

This discussion could go downhill so very fast… :wink:

Anyway. I am now using my happy graphics tablet! :slight_smile: Hitting it with a hammer would not have been good, so at least that wasn’t the FIRST thing people suggested.

Or: “Percussive Maintenance” :slight_smile: