Computer symptoms

How do the symptoms for a hard drive failure differ from a mother board crash?
The last week or so ,I got a box saying a program would not close. They happened more and more frequently. But, I do not even know if it is relevant. But ,when my wife turned it on today ,instead of the Icon screen she got a greenish,yellow screen with vertical lines approx. 1/8 inch apart.
I hooked up my backup computer and the monitor worked fine. So do I just get a new hard drive or could it be something else.

Sounds like the program is not opening correctly. This can happen alot with games when your color dept or resolution are not set correctly as well as out dated drivers. If anything its your video card. Its not the hard drive. It might be the mother board if you have on board graphics. What is the program?

Nothing specific. It happened with various programs. Graphics card is an add on.

Try reseating the graphics card and memory.