Computer tech question.


I’ve had trouble recently whenever I’ve logged onto any website. The URL keeps looping, (if that’s the right word). The web page keeps repeating itself over and over. The same goes for videos. What is the problem? Is it spyware? It started after I picked up my computer from awn Apple Store. There was no engineer available to help me. I’ll bring it in again tomorrow, I though I’d as anyway. I’ve never encountered this problem before.
I look forward to your feedback

Do you mean web pages keep refreshing? Have you tried multiple browsers? It could be malware. If it’s not malware and a browser issue, you can try this:

If it is malware on an Apple MacBook, is it removable?

The customer rep manager told me he hasn’t seen any malware on MacBooks that isn’t removable. I’m not so sure.

Yes my web pages keep refreshing.

Viruses can be removed from MacBooks and most malware are not viruses.

Does it happen on all browsers? Have you tried the instructions on the link?

Which broswer are you using? Safari?

Start with quitting or force quitting Safari. Then launch Safari while holding down the shift key. That basically resets Safari. If that doesn’t work, then try cleaning out your caches: Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Manage Website Data > Remove all website data. You can also go to Safari > Preferences > Advances > Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar, and then go to Safari > Develop > Empty Caches. I would also look in Safari > Preferences > Extensions and make sure there isn’t a rogue extension there, too.

Just a few initial thoughts.

If you’re using Chrome, there’s a similar set of menu options to clear the cache. Try Chrome > Settings > Advanced Settings > Reset Settings to Their Original Default.

Thanks pulykamell. I was just trying to figure put how to do that. I’ll try it.
Thank you all. I’ll have an update soon.

Ok. Pulykamell’s suggestion worked. The webpages are normal now.
Thank you again Pulykamell. Thank you all.